To calculate SIP returns manually you have to be familiar with the future value formula. Before actually making the investment, you will be required to complete the application form, submit identity and address proof and complete KYC details. Hence the investment of INR 2,52,000 will grow to INR 4,29,076 in 7 years. Big or small, everyone has goals that they want to accomplish. There are some goals you’re able to fulfil and others that you’re not.

Scripbox’s SIP calculator estimates the return in terms of maturity amount based on three different growth scenarios. The Axis SIP calculator estimated the returns based on three growth scenarios. The three growth scenarios are based on above average, average returns and below-average returns.

As a result, you’re able to quickly compare returns between SIPs and other investment options as well – such as an FD. This SIP Calculator helps you compute how much returns you would have made between two specific dates investing the same amount on the same date every month. SIPs help you automate financial discipline by ensuring money gets invested periodically. Multi SIP– You can invest in multiple schemes of the fund house through a single instrument.

The use of any information set out is entirely at the User’s own risk. Axis Bank does not undertake any liability or responsibility to update any data. No claim (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) shall  arise out of or in connection with the services against Axis Bank. Withdrawing money from SIP depends on which fund we have invested. If we have invested money in ELSS then it has a lock in period of 3 yrs.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

The investment graph provides a visualization of the maturity amount and the wealth gained during the investment tenure. In the table format, one can easily identify the Step-Up value every year . Let’s take an example of an investor who invested in an Axis mutual fund when the NAV was INR 10. After seven years, the investor wants to withdraw the investment, and the NAV is INR 30. The Axis SIP calculator shows the return estimates in both graphical and tabulated forms. Through these representations, potential investors can easily interpret, analyze and make informed investment decisions.

SIPs generally work best for equity and equity-oriented hybrid funds given that these are prone to market fluctuations. However, for investment discipline, one can also invest in debt funds also. Scipbox’s Axis SIP calculator is quite easy to use and navigate. Also, the Axis SIP calculator saves investor’s time from doing complex calculations. The Axis SIP calculator estimates the maturity amount and the monthly investment amount within seconds.

Just stay invested irrespective of the market conditions. In doing so, you end up getting more units when the price is low and fewer units when the price is high. This in turn leads to a lower average cost per unit over time which is also called as rupee cost averaging. SIP instills discipline as it is route which helps you invest a particular amount on a regular basis.

Advantages of using Axis SIP Calculator

If you have started a SIP online, cancel SIP option is available for upcoming transactions. In case you have started a SIP  by visiting a branch, you will have to visit the branch or connect with a relationship manager to have the SIP cancelled.

Use our Axis Bank SIP calculator to see how much your investment can grow if you invest today. Axis Mutual Fund is one such fund house that offers mutual funds where you can invest through SIP. However, the calculation and estimation that you may need to do before starting an SIP, are complicated. If the investor can have high risk appetite then he/ she can go with equity funds. Always remember that if a product is giving high risk then returns from such investment can also be high depending upon market and funds performance. And if the investor doesn’t have risk appetite then he/she can go with the RD investment as it has negligible risk.

Which is a better option, RD or SIP?

You invest equal amount when markets are cheap and expensive to get average price for units over time. This lumpsum Calculator helps you compute how much returns you would have made if you would have invested an amount of money on a particular day in the past. Not only does it instantaneously tell you the gains you’d have generated, but it also allows you to modify any of the variables to effortless see how they impact your overall returns.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

SIP is a way of investing a fixed amount at regular intervals in a mutual fund. Through SIP investing, you can purchase units of a mutual fund for the specified amount on a given date each month. SIP investing is an automated way of investing and doesn’t require you to invest each time manually. However, you will have to provide a SIP bank mandate to automate your investments.

Portfolio Allocation

World-class wealth management using science, data and technology, leveraged by our experience, and human touch. The Axis Bank SIP maturity amount can be calculated using the future value of the annuity formula. Open an FD without the hassle of opening a savings account first.

You can start small and there is no need to have a lot of money to start a SIP. A SIP of even Rs. 500 per month is sufficient to start with. And then depending on the goals and aspirations, one can increase the amount. He pre-defined SIP intervals can be on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/semi-annually or annual basis. The minimum amount to start SIP is Rs. 500 with no maximum limit.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

It is the total percentage of a company’s fund assets used for administrative, management, advertising, and other expenses. The Axis SIP calculator is very simple, requiring basic inputs and no major analysis to understand the use of the tool. The inputs are also clearly outlined, such as investment amount, horizon and the scheme you want to invest in.

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Axis Mutual Fund SIP Calculator will help you calculate the expected returns for your monthly SIP investment. Before delving deeper into the uses of Axis Bank mutual fund calculator, it’s imperative to have an idea of what SIP actually is. A Systematic Investment Plan is a method of investment under which you can invest a fixed amount of money in any mutual fund scheme at regular intervals . Systematic Investment Plan is a kind of investment scheme offered by mutual fund companies. Using SIP one can invest small amount peridically into a selected mutual fund. For retail investors, SIP offers a well disciplined and passive approach to investing, to create wealth in long term .

However, just in case for whatever reason the funds are not available in your bank account and you will miss the SIP deduction then bank will charge the penalty for that particular month. Your SIP account remains active even if you miss one SIP date but after multiple misses, it gets cancelled. Always remember that the mutual fund has nothing to do with the penalty. It is only the bank who charges the penalty on bouncing of Electronic Clearance System .

So, before investing, take our Free Investor Personality Test. Know how to make investment decisions that are right for you. Suppose, you have started an SIP of Rs 1000, then one cannot reduce it to Rs 700 or Rs 500.

Perpetual SIP– While starting the SIP investments, you will have to mention the tenure of the SIP in the application form. If no tenure is mentioned, then it is considered as a perpetual SIP. As a result, the SIP will continue till you give any specific instruction to stop it. A number of months or years is the tenure of the investment.

The Expense Ratio of the direct plan of Axis Bluechip Fund is 1.64%.. A form of tax payable for the purchase or sale of an asset or security. All comparisons are done with the category average metrics for this category. Axis Bank Ltd. is not liable or responsible for any loss or shortfall resulting from the operation of the scheme. The Axis Mutual Fund SIP calculator presents multiple advantages as outlined below.

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