In Ukraine, they presented a program for the implementation of web3 technologies

On November 14, the inter -fractional association of deputies of Blockchain4UKRaine and the Public Union “Virtual Assets of Ukraine” (“VAU”) signed a road map for the introduction of blockchain and Web3 technologies in the country. This was reported by FORKLOG representatives of organizations.

The main goal of the project is to introduce innovative solutions for various sectors of the economy.

The roadmap provides for:

In addition, organizations plan to develop projects of digital sovereign identity (SELF-SOVEREIGN IDENTITY), as well as introduce blockchain and Web3 in the field of health and education.

According to the coordinator of Blockchain4UKRaine, the heads of the VAU Nabsy council Alexei Zhmerenetsky, the project sets itself ambitious tasks that have no analogues in the world.

To implement the plan, the working group will conduct consultations with potential partners of the project: civil society, non -governmental organizations, business and scientists. Among the latter are a member of the Board of Directors «VAU», an expert in the field of blockchain technologies Alexei Konashevich.

“For me as a scientist, a project to develop and introduce a decentralized blockchain real estate and land at the national level in Ukraine is a huge challenge and at the same time the implementation of my scientific work,” he said in a comment by Forklog.

Based on the results of the discussion, the working group will prepare a package of draft legislative and by-laws that ensure the launch of a blockchain-sandwich, a distributed property register and a recovery plan.

“Given the coordination of the technical decision with all relevant state bodies and the adoption of a new regulatory regulation, the launch of the project at the national level is scheduled until the end of 2024,” said Konstantin Yarmolenko, General Director of VAU FORKLOG.

Recall that in June Ukraine received the status of an observer under the European blockchain partnerism. The representative of the country was the deputy head of the Ministry of Council on IT development Alexander Bornyakov.

In September, the Blockchain4UKRain Association was a member of the government advisory council of the International News – Page 3 – Association of International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications.

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